Advantages of PR – Recommendation

Public relations can have wide ranging benefits, the main one for businesses being that it is considerably cheaper than advertising and can deliver a bigger impact depending on the strategy employed.

Public relations has the added benefit of using images creatively as well as lengthy and informative articles and scripts to attract interest from the media.

There is always activity happening within companies that people on the outside should and could know about.  Using that information cleverly in a public relations campaign can help to raise a company’s profile.

Most importantly, public relations campaigns can also be designed to suit every budget.

A most generous recommendation from Padraig Hoare, reporter with the Evening Echo, shows the benefit of having Sara managing your campaign:

“Sara McMahon is everything that’s good about PR. Reporters and photographers can be an impatient bunch, and like to get straight to the point – Sara, being an excellent journalist in her own right, understands the industry perfectly. That means the cleanest of copy everytime, photographs that are always on the money, and outstanding personal skills that make Smack PR a pleasure to deal with. If everyone was like Sara, my job would be an awful lot easier. Highly recommended.”




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