In 2012, Sara began work with Cork, Cork’s newest social and entertainment website. The website provides a flavour of all that is happening in Cork’s diverse entertainment scene, from live music and gigs to festivals, artistic performances and plays to comedy, drama and sport.

The campaign centered around improving Cork Entertainment’s use of social media, creating brand awareness and strategic links with entertainment providers, suppliers and the media and culminated in a glitzy launch in the Penthouse of Cork’s Clarion Hotel in August 2012.

From prime time coverage on Cork’s 96FM and C103 to articles in The Cork News and Corkman newspapers, the launch was very successful.

Client Testimonial :

“Sara organised the official launch for in 2012. She was very thorough and professional in her approach to organising same. Absolutely nothing phased her!

We needed the media there and she made sure they were. I was extremely happy with how well everything was planned and executed. She was confident in everything she did and her attention to detail was second to none. Thank you Sara. I know I can always count on your support.”

Sheila Carver


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